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Artistic Video Productions will script and storyboard your commercial. We will shoot live video at your location and provide professional voiceover talent, (off-camera broadcast narration) music, or a combination of both for the audio track

Camera Work up to 4 hours at $100/hr
$ 400
Initial Editing up to 4 hours at $75/hr
$ 300
Re-edit up to 2 hours at $75/hr
$ 150
Final Edit up to 2 hours at $75/hr
$ 150
Voice Over (talent & recording)
$ 225
Broadcast Quality Beta SP (1 tape)
$ 40
Streaming Video Preview
$ 60
Concept Development
$ 175
$ 300
$ 200
$ 200
Package Price :

What Companies are saying about Artistic Video:

"I would happily recommend Artistic Video Productions to potential clients.

At all times, their work was carried out in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.

Based on their experience and expertise, Artistic Video was able to offer advice and information, which added further value to their service."

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